Thanks for your interest in joining us for an adventure down the Franklin River. We are still open for business and can’t wait to get back down there but during the Covid-19 crisis we ask that you contact us before booking a trip to discuss dates and contingency plans if travel restrictions continue into summer.

Prices for the 2021/22 season are: $3190 p/p for the 8 day expedition  and $3490 p/p for the 10 day expedition.

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A rafting trip on the Franklin River is the experience of a lifetime and the chances are you may only do it once. That is why we are determined to make your journey the best that it can be. To appreciate the Franklin Rivers full potential one needs to complete the journey from beginning to end, cover the entire length of the river and have time for some of the amazing side trips along the way such as Frenchmans Cap and the limestone nooks and crannies on the lower reaches of the river.

This expedition will journey down the full length of the river starting at the Collingwood Bridge on the Lyell highway to Sir John Falls on the Gordon River.

From here on we will be picked up by the Stormbreaker and journey down the Gordon across Macquarie Harbour and into Strahan.

On our ten day trips, we will attempt to reach the summit of one of Tasmania's most sought out peaks, Frenchmans Cap. Towering at 1443 metres and otherwise accessible only via a 5 day long bushwalk.

See the beautiful Irenabyss, the awe-inspiring Great Ravine and the magnificent Rock Island Bend best known as the image that helped save the river by Peter Dombrovskis.

30 years since the Franklin River was saved and the area declared a Unesco World Heritage Area, it still continues to inspire. Come celebrate this beautiful place with us.

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