What sort of shoe should I take on the Franklin River?

Over the years we have seen a wide variety of shoes worn on the river.

From old ragged runners to fancy fan-dangle water shoes. However to this day we haven’t seen anything preform as good as the one and only Dunlop Volley.

The pair pictured spent a whole summer working in the Tasmanian wilderness. Travelling the full length of the River numerous times and securing my every step to the top Frenchmans Cap and back. After the belting they have endured I think they are allowed to look a little tired.

Here is a little history about this well loved shoe, oh and we aren’t sponsored by Dunlop.

Dunlop Volley is a brand of sandshoe that used to be very popular in Australia.

The distinctive herringbone tread is famous for its excellent grip, making the shoe a favourite among roofing contractors and canyoners . The Volley is commonly used by tradespersons, especially roof tilers, as the shoe has very good grip in most conditions.

A pair of Volleys subjected to prolonged wear-and-tear will develop two distinctive holes. Firstly, where the canvas meets the rubber sole at the big toe, and secondly, at the widest part of the shoe where the little toe will subsequently be exposed.