The origin of the mountains name isn’t quite certain, however it is believed that it received the name from the convicts who were imprisoned on Sarah Island. From some angles the mountain looks like a Frenchmans cap worn during the French Revolution .

The white quartzite dome of the cap towering on 1446m is the most prominent mountain peak in the Franklin-Gordon Wild River National Park.

The track starts at the Lylle Highway and leads through button grass plains., rain forests with Huon Pine and King Billy pine, glacial valleys and spectacular cliffs. Its recommended to take 3 days for the hick in Tasmanias Wolrd heritage area.

If water levels and weather conditions allow us we have the possibility to access a track from the Franklin River.

Although there is less mud and buttoners from this end of the walk it is still one of Tasmania’s hardest day bush walks.

More information about the walk here