We get asked a lot of different questions and are always happy to answer them, here are a few that may cover what you’re wanting to find out.

Why choose Franklin River Rafting?

We love what we do and want only the best for all our trips. Our guides are awesome, we use only the freshest locally sourced food and all our equipment is of the highest standard available. In short, we do not deal with booking agents or discount our trips. This means we can afford to put more money into actually running the greatest trip possible.

Is it important to have some previous rafting experience?

No, most of our guests have never been rafting before. A love for the outdoors, camping and a healthy thirst for adventure is all that you need.

How fit do I need to be to participate?

A basic level of fitness is required to join one of our expeditions, you are also required to fill out a confidential medical information form.

How many people are there on one trip?

We like to keep our group numbers small and cosy, a trip that feels more like an adventure with close friends than a commercial tour. The maximum passengers we take on a trip is 10, however we generally close a trip at 8 passengers and only go above that number if it means somebody in a group would miss out.

I have a group of friends, what is required to have a private trip?

A trip with close friends is fantastic and gives you some more freedom regarding dates and Itinerary. You would need 8 (max. 10) participants and get in touch regarding a date that suits you best.

To tent or not to tent, that is the question?

We provide plenty of high quality tarpaulins to with which to embrace your inner tarp guru. Camping under tarpaulins is a social and fantastic experience, however it is not everyones cup of tea. If you prefer a bit of privacy or perhaps a private love nest you are welcome to bring a lightweight tent. This should be a good quality bushwalking tent and would need to be packed into your personal dry bag for the duration of the trip.

How arduous is the hike to Frenchmans Cap?

Very, it is the easiest way to access the Cap but certainly not a stroll. Between 8-12 hours return.

What does the hike involve?  Track only or some scree scramble or some rock climbing? Elevation? Kilometres? Duration?

Most of the hike is tracked, very steep to begin with until your reach the ridge line. No scree scramble but some rock climbing/scrambling towards the final ascent. The Cap is 1440m above sea level and Irenabyss campsite where we begin our climb approx. 400m. Add some ups and down and I would say you will be ascending and descending 1200 vertical metres each way over a distance of 5-6 km.

Should I bring trekking poles for the Frenchmans Cap hike?

Personally I do not use them on the hike because some of the terrain is very steep and you may want your hands free. If your knees are extremely dodgy we recommend you take the day we attempt the mountain as a rest day, this hike is murder on knees.

If a couple of people are on the trip and stay out of the climb how would this work?

Not a problem, the climb is voluntary, we will do a short climb up to mini Frenchmans the day before. This will give people a better understanding of what they would be in for the following day. Those that don't wish to attempt the climb can relax with a book for the day in camp, I could think of worse places to relax for a day.

Can I book my return flight for the evening we return?

We do not recommend this as we may be delayed and return late into Hobart. Although normally we return on schedule Murphy’s Law dictates that we won’t if you book your flight on the same day we are scheduled to return. Besides if you run away after the trip we won’t be able to say goodbye properly over a nice meal at one of the lovely restaurants in Hobart.

What is the minimum age to join a trip?

There is no set minimum as such but the trip is an adult trip, teenagers have completed the journey and have been great members of the expedition. The trip should be an enjoyable experience for all and not a boot camp to get your teen away from the computer. If your child loves the outdoors and has camping experience this trip is for them.

Do you offer any shorter trips, can I join for 1 day?

We only offer trips that navigate the full length of the river, once you begin you are committed and the only way out is downstream or helicopter. We feel that the Franklin River is such a special place that if you are going to do it, do it right and without interruptions. On all our trips you will completing the journey with the same group that you started it with.

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